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Maa, Happy mother’s day Maa !!


Hey Mom, Happy mother’s day !!

Ocean of joy, sea of love to us, and what not. Maa, wish I could ever define you in words, but to even try that is to commit the highest degree of sin. Thy love can never be bound in to the walls of words. A language for mouth can never define or express the language or love of hearts, at least the ones which originate from the womb, nine months before anything else that the baby comes across. Any childhood memory that we ever had, begins or at least holds good enough contribution from maa, Be it saving us from the wrath of dad after all our mischief or soothing our tastebuds everytime we go crazy to break the monotony of regular food. Ah !! Those memories, they seem to be ever fresh as they happened just yesterday.

I always thought, moms are the creatures who brought us to this world. Well, that’s definitely true but they are the biggest reason we are here prospering and living a descent enough life.

We all know, maa you have been the real reason why our house became a home. Why we all become what we are today (No offence to dad, he was and is indeed the strongest piller, but mom is a li’l more). Maa, I am really running short of words, to at least tell what you mean to me, but just want to tell you that, you mean more than just a world to me.

We were always told that dad is the head of the family, weren’t we ? Well, I do not disagree by any means but what I wonderd always and know now is – Maa was and is the reason of him being the supreme of family. She made us understand what role he has and what he means to us. Dad keeps busy with his duties and never got to tell us what maa is to us, which I am sure he is more aware of than we are. Maa, the food, the dripping love from them and you feeding that with your hands, ah. They say, ask god if you need anything, which I disagree to, if not completely then at least partially. Why ? Because anything that a person can ever need in his/her life, maa can be his/her best companion.

What should I say more, I have run out of words, completely.

Love you Maa. May god let you bestow your love and blessings on us ever and forever. Maa !!

India : Demographic Advantage or Demographic Disaster ?


India, ah the country that we all love and adore. Our land, our nation and land of wonderful people and what not. It indeed is a land which probably holds the mix of most varied set of culture and well, pretty happily and with a warm smile.

India is the second largest country when it comes to the population or the number of people inhabiting the geographic boundaries of a state or nation. First one remains China, even if it will not hold the position for long, going by the current rate of growth, it still is. We mostly or always find this as a reason of concern and miss to see the positive aspect of it. This we call as population blast that is happening around the globe or at least in most of the poor and uneducated geographies.

Now having said that we do not see the positive side of it, we all must be wondering that what can be the positive side of something which is putting so much pressure on the economy and the resources of earth. So, let me put some light on that:

  • Population increase is leading to incoming of the new generation which is young and is very well the working generation.
  • India will be the youngest country within the next decade.
  • Teenage population is the most in India right now making it the strongest in terms of demography.

Now, you all must be wondering. So, What ? Where am I going with this ? What this implies to ? So, let me answer – When you have such stats backing you, this enables you to harness the resources available in the best possible way. Generation which is completing their teenage and marching towards the adulthood or the working age will lead India to the fastest growing country. They are getting ready to harness or exploit the resources to take country to the number one position in terms of growth.

Such a happy and bright future that we have waiting for us ahead.

But is it so bright and guaranteed ? Well, lets flip the coin and see the other side of it.

In order to get this young generation raised well and qualified enough to reach the goal that we are expecting out of them, we need to act now and act fast. If we do not, this advantage that we are getting or at least hoping to have will be lost sooner than we expect it to arrive and will instead lead to a hazard that we neither have resources to reform nor to handle them, let alone be bringing them back to the right path.

If this generation is not given proper attention and education to shape themselves properly, this will eventually lead to unemployment, poverty and other social issues. God forbid, if that happens the force that we wished to convert into a positive constructive workforce will turn into gangs of smugglers, thieves, thugs and other social evils. And as we are already aware of this, it will be the strongest force that we will ever see, no matter what they do it will be strong enough not to be contained by anyone and will be decisive in terms of shaping the country.

So, now the decision is for us to make – we want demographic advantage or Demographic disaster.

May the force and resource be with you, Young India.

Happy women’s day


Women’s day, a day to celebrate what these creatures who carry a load of entire society on there shoulders mean to us. To let them know how meaningful our lives are, just because they are part of it. To make them realize, what we could have not achieved if they would have not got our back covered.

But well, the question is: Do we actually mean all of this that we say or wish them on this day ?

Just yesterday was international women’s day and entire planet was immersed into celebration to rejoice and cherish the day. There were social media posts flooding and all messaging services seemed busy delivering the wishes to every single women on this planet. Some were just one lines – “Happy Women’s day” and some were images beautiful but rarely meaningful and then there were long long forwards bearing all the good deeds of women and there impact on our lives. Well, I was overwhelmed to see such a huge turnout, but only till the time I didn’t read the entire message. Alas !! My excitement and happiness vanished as soon as I digged in.

Few messages were meaningful and were meant to genuinely wish all the women but then there were those, which had that sense of negativity in it and were spoiling the entire agenda of having a specific day designated to celebrate. I mean, we curse ourselves, specially when troubled about how pathetic our lives are, but then we never stop celebrating our birthdays, do we ? People (mostly my lady friends) were posting about how we men or this male dominated society is trying to curb there independence and make them our slaves.

I would love to tell all such people this one thing:

Dear Sir or Madam, you may be right in your own way about how women survived thru all this, but that exactly is the goddamn reason we have this day dedicated. Was this day not supposed to celebrate the women and there womenhood which blossomed despite all the hardships that they faced and challenges that they came across, day in and day out ?

Negativity in those messages which were actually thru those incidents of rapes, looting, harassment,etc. killed the entire beauty of Women’s day. Why we do not understand that on a special day, we do not tell people what bad happened with them, intead we tell them how beautiful they are and what they mean to us.

All these atrocities against women should immediately be stopped and they should be given much and much more respect that what they get, but they having these hardships doesn’t make them any less important, beautiful, adorable, strong, role model and much more.

So let’s hold on to all our complaints against society and celebrate the day of womenhood with all the positive thoughts.

Happy women’s day !! 😊

When you just want someone around.


We go thru phases, we all do. Now or later or may be have already been thru one. What is that one thing most of us feel missing, almost everytime ?

Well, anyone can tell that – someone who understands us and someone who cares to listen and tell us, relax and chill, things will be alright. Doesn’t this make whole lot of difference than fighting things all alone ? It does, I swear it does.

Let me tell you one story real quick. One friend of mine who is actually a techie and considers himself real brave when it comes to day to day affair. He is sort of cool and gels well with people around. He has a real helping attitude and almot everyone around him is happy or at least not annoyed of him. He makes a real good company when he goes out with friends. But then here comes the important part, he prefers to fight all his battles alone and keeps his secrets well. Outside world only knows the funny side of him and in fact they judge him based on that. Lol, yeah that’s true.

Now, here comes the part where he had a phase and his health was not good. Again, as very characteristic of him, he preferred to keep it to himself and consulted a doctor. Post many visits, he showed no signs of improvement. Then one fine day I called him up and this guy dared to tell me everything and as rightly deserved, got all the beatings from me. Then, I told him whom to consult and what he should do. Post few visits to a better doctor and better follow ups, he started getting better (touchwood).

Now, I am taking no credit literally (as I am just representing someone in the story) but, isn’t it good sometime to open up and flush it all out. Rather than keeping everything to ourselves. Well, my friend did and trust me he end up being thankful to me.

It’s always good to not tell everyone everything, but sometimes you’ve got to trust someone and let them know what is it with you. They might help take that unnecessary baggage or stuff around that issue away from you. Trust me that helps.

Keep smiling and cheers to life !! Love ya all !!

Beauty of life


Morning was beautiful and so was she.


Sun started ascending from horizon and was descending winter’s shivering. People were coming out of quilt and were moving towards accomplishing their day to day task. A puppy in the corner was making some sound, possibly crying whole last night and was now deep into sleep, unaware of what is happening around. Mr. Gupta, who was passing by in his ambassador on the way to his office saw him sleeping and moved on. Whole day in office, Mr. Gupta kept thinking about the days that were of his childhood.

A kid was playing with his friends in his sticker-ed shirt and longer than his size trouser which again was showing its disability to hold on from tearing for long. Evening, when he reached back home, saw his parents seating on the only mat in the house laid down on the ground. He saw them happy and out of curiosity demanded to know the reason. The answer that followed made that kid even happier. They have got a kilo of rice in donation from the village head as it was the Birthday of head’s only child. This donation guaranteed a full meal for a day to the family or half meal for couple of days for the family. Next two days, they felt like a king and enjoyed to the full, but then the father of the kid was aware that this gala is not going to last for long.

Kid’s father was a farmer, though with limited land piece, but was able to live happily because of hard work. One fine day, kid’s mother fell ill and they had to take her to the nearby hospital. The illness of the mother continued and ate up all the resources, lands that the family owned. Though, the mother recovered but that left the family with no land to cultivate or to earn their livelihood from. Family had to depend on others for their living. Father did try to get some job but given the condition they were in and also the place, he was left with no option but to blame his fate.

Despite all the hardships that the family saw or faced, father never let the kid stay away from the education and always stressed upon him being dedicated towards the education. Kid, although was studying in the village school running on government funds, but was very sharp and intelligent. Village teacher who used to take tuitions for the village kids, used to teach him free of cost, given his economic status.

Days passed and the kid appeared for Board exams and passed it with flying colors. He scored more than anyone else in the village. This achievement got him rewarded with a scholarship till his graduation. Days seemed to be changing for the family. Kid was now a boy and he moved to the town for his higher education. Scholarship amount was enough for him to survive. Additionally, he started taking tuitions and the earnings from that helped his parents to live happily, if not royally in the village. Years passed by and hard work paid off. Boy applied for Civil services exam and cleared it in a single attempt. He was now an officer and had all the royal services at his fingers. HE got married to a nice girl from good family and now lives with his parent and wife in a government bungalow.

You have a call from CM, Gupta Sir. Someone shook him from behind and Mr. Gupta felt like he is suddenly been pulled out from dreamland. He attended to the call and left from office immediately taking half day leave. On the way, he looked for that puppy crying whole night and took him along to home. As soon as he reached home, his wife asked, surprised, so early, Puppy? What is the matter? Mr. Gupta asked her to relax and then explained her why he brought the puppy along. He took him home for that he know what the pain of being resource less is and feel the wrath of nature with nothing to shield. For that he knew what actually being poor is.

His wife, who hailed from a good family could easily see how emotional her husband was and accepted the puppy whole heartedly.


Evening was beautiful and so was she.

Foeticide is good !!


Regular morning with bright sunlight and escalating heat once again dawned over the village of Ramapura, a small area with roughly 20-25 families living in. It was small in terms of economic condition of residents as well and not just in regards to area and population.

But, hearts of the people was not small despite of the poor condition. They were all but careless about the upbringing of their kids, but of the male ones only. Girl childs were not spared a thought even of being sent to school or to feed them with at least basic nutrients or diets required.

Rudali, a poor little girl, part of a family of the same economic stature as others, was no exception to this system. Aged 15, she was always the first one to wake up in the family after her mother. Her daily routine included: brooming entire house, collection of cow dung and putting them to make cakes to be later used as fuels in home and then helping dad milk the cattles. Post brushing and bathing, she used to get her first meal, breakfast. Breakfast never failed to remain same in the form of breads cooked last night and left over along with some salt and mustard oil. But yes, her mom used to hand her a glass of fresh milk every single day, but wait. It was not for her to have, but for her brother to drink before he leaves for school. Yes, brother was a school going student, parent’s moon of the eyes.

Same parent who always thought their son to be the real gem and daughter to be the jewel of someone else’s house. Poor people, they didn’t know normally people see jewels and decide how good the jewellery is.

One fine day, once Rudali was done with her daily tasks, was sitting alone and quite in the balcony of her home. She heard a sound from distance approaching near. Her curiosity drew her closer to the sound. It was a group of people performing street dramas to educate people on the issue of foeticide. They had a tagline – “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao(save the girl child, educate the girl child). Rudali watched the entire episode with her parents right beside.

She could not understand much but the fact that, foeticide is bad and education helps eradicate such evils from the society. Now she was hopeful that, since her brother is going to be an educated lad, there will not be any Rudali further in this house.

Days passed by, years went by, Rudali was now married to a farmer in nearby village. She happened to visit her parents house once. She was very happy to be going to her own house after long.

She entered the village and neared her house. A guy was coming out of her house dressed in school uniform and a girl was collecting cow dung for cakes, was all that she could spot. Behind, her brother came out and seeing her sister come home, got excited and rather happy, asked both the kids to touch the feet of their Bua.

Rudali, suddenly remembered all that she learnt from the drama, education eradicates evil. All she could think now was, Foeticide, is better.

Eyes : One relaxed and the other satisfied


City on hills, dipped in the serene beauty of nature was Darjeeling. City known for the finest of the tea products.

Chacha !! Please ride faster na, I will pay you double of the actual fare, if you get me to the station on time, A man sitting on the hand rickshaw on the hilly roads of Darjeeling was asking the rider. Rider, though already at his max was trying to pull it even faster despite the fact that hilly roads were making it difficult for him to even walk with the load. He was literally running or at least was attempting to do so.

Pillion was to catch a train scheduled at 05:20PM, to reach his home and it was already 05:00 PM by the time he started for station. He kept pushing the rider to speed up the vehicle.

Chacha, faster chacha. I will miss the train otherwise. This is the last train. Please.

Rider, not for the extra money but to abide by his duty was already doing his best to reach the station on time. Sweating heavily, literally panting but determined and focussed, he kept pulling the rickshaw. Train whistle was now already very much within the hearing range.
On the way to station was the home of rickshaw-puller, a small hut with two compartments reserved for sleeping and making food respectively. The one reserved for making food strictly can not be called as Kitchen, because it was not, by any means. Not even if you search for the basics of the kitchen. His kids were playing in the dust and mud around the hut with their mom working in nearby homes to earn some to support the family needs.

Poor kids, they saw dad passing by. They had this image of dad stamped in their brains and not the one with calm and relaxing one because, they saw him like this more than in any other form.

But, rider has no time to think of all this as he had a duty to finish to earn food for his kids. He rode faster and faster. Now he was really running short of breaths. They were nearing railway station. Pillion was all but nervous, thinking about missing the train.

As soon as they reached railway station, pillion saw the train whistling to leave and he rushed to catch it. Good god, he managed to catch his train. He breathed deep and thanked god. Relaxed, he took his seat near the window,adjusted himself and looked out. Train left the station and a set of eyes were fixed on him.

He thought of waiving his hand to the rickshaw puller to thank him and then was that he realised, he promised to pay him double and here he is, didn’t even paid him the fare.

Eyes of the rickshaw puller never seemed to be complaining, rather they conveyed satisfaction, satisfaction of having done something good. Money, he knew was of essence but not bigger than the happiness of letting someone get what they thought they will miss.

Paisa badi cheez hai, par sab kuch nahi !!