Music : What it does to us


When we are going thru a state of mind, may be happy, may be sad, may be frustrated, may be annoyed, may be…., etc. What we try to do when we go thru all this ? Whom we look at ? No points for guessing the right answer, we tend to share.

We tend to let others know what we are going thru. This sharing has a great thing in it. It is some sort of magic. We tend to loose stress if we are tensed and happiness just doubles, if we are happy. In short, it helps us feel better, if stressed. Wonderful, if we are feeling good. All this requires is someone by our side, to listen, to understand, to help us decipher our worries, to make us understand what we have, what we achieved should mean to us.

We all love and always wish to have some companion like this by our side, always. Don’t we ?

But, do all have some one or do we have some one every time we need ? I guess, No. Mostly no. What do we do then ? How should we approach to our situation then ? We try to find someone or something around us that can make us feel the same way as some one very close to us can, if not better. What this can be ? Food ? A walk ? It can be any thing, literally anything. Ask me, and I will answer – Music. Music is something that can take us to a different level altogether. It can accompany us in our different moods and different flavors of life.

All of us, each one of us at some point or the other, seek help of music to overcome our stress, tension or to enjoy the happiness, the joy that we feel. Music, not just help us feel better but also, help us overcome the feeling of being lonely. This can prove to be very vital, in a world that we live in today, where everyone is suffering from grave tension and stress. Irrespective of what music we hear, it is almost a guarantee of making us feel upbeat than what we were feeling.

Music, that is why is called as therapy by many scholars and thinkers. It can well may be the reason that, the proverb was coined – Her voice is Music to my ears.

Music – Happy listening friends !! 🙂


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