Parents, love beyond limits.


​Back to blogs,eh !? Yes, I am. So let’s start.
Disclaimer : These are completely my personal thoughts and need not be agreed upon.
Dear dad,
We are cared by or taken care of till we get married (normally/mostly) by our parents. PARENTS – essentially contains mom & dad. Now mom, being the first person we come across, is obviously and rightly the most important person in our lives. Correct !?
Now that we all are so aware of importance that our mom holds in our lives, let’s move to the very next person in the queue after our loving mother. Who else but dad,father pops, daddy. Name of your choice but the role, dude one can’t even imagine until u become one.
We all or at least most of us have a very strict or very discipline imposing image of our daddys, but did we ever thought what would have happened to us had we been grown up only under the loving caring and ever mistake ignoring moms ? Well, we could have end up being mumma’s son who plays around and who might not have become a true social animal (well that’s just my assumption, need not be true,but just give it a thought).
Most of the beatings and scoldings that we (at least kids of my generations and earlier) got were from dad and we use to have a virtual alarm set in our brains notifying us well in advance about the dad’s home coming time post work. What days that were !! Wow. But, ask me honestly or for that matter anyone of my generation mates, did we hate it ? Answer is: that time yes we did. But now ? NO.. WE CHERISH THAT.
A true saviour, superhero, if I can call him, who sacrificed every single joy of him, just to make sure we have what we need and also we are not going on the wrong path with what we get, by limiting the resources only to what we actually need. 
Dad, to me, is not the second most important person of my life, but he is equivalent to my mom and they both are far far ahead of any other Gods or goddesses that can ever exist.
Love you dad. MyOnlySuperHero. #Respect.
Your Son.


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