Perception : good or bad ?


​That person is gonna create so much of trouble, you know. Reason ?? Dude, he is a bihari. You know how they are.
What do you call this ? You call this intuition ? Prediction? Foresight?? Nah. This is a simple and flat case of wrong perception. 
Perception, the way in which something is regarded, understood, or interpreted. Why does one have a perception? Is it because, someone is forced to have one ? What happens is that if a certain action is repeated by a certain set of individual or a person, that becomes the identity of that individual or group. These actions may be good or bad, based on which people make a good or bad perception respectively.
But, the bigger aspect to this is that, if one person does one thing, how does it determine that, every other individual related to him or her will do the same ? I do not see any sense in this logic. Do you ? If one person is a nuisance, then may be he or she is the rotten egg in the basket, and not that the entire basket is rotten. Same way, a person being good never determine that everyone related will be good. At least, not always.
What do we do then ? Question is not worth being asked. Because, answer is simple. Do not create perception. Do not bound a person’s identity to a certain act or behavior. He/she may have done that out of some reasons, which you might not be aware of. And, may be, that action would have been correct, just that you failed to decipher that properly.
Impact of perception in people’s mind is real tragic guys. It makes many suffer a lot. Despite, them being very different from that perception.
Also, to everyone else, who are victim of this perception tragedy, pls be real real careful with what you do, what you speak and how you act, coz somewhere, someone might be creating a perception of it. Be careful.
Be natural, be good and be genuine. Perception never helps. All it does is, it hurts. Either you or the other. Refrain from it.
Tata. Bbye !!


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