Pleasure of being mad


​Well, my dad will always say this to me whenever such situation comes – there is a great pleasure in being mad, which none else but a mad knows. And I always use to think, what is he actually trying to convey by saying this ??
Does this make sense to you guys ? Do you guys have any idea about what this actually means ?
Well, answer of mine as well was a no unless one day, it actually came to my mind all of a sudden and the meaning of it kind of was somewhere seemed to be sorted out. So, this is what I actually understood of it(may be i will check with my dad once i meet him, but till then, here is my version):
We all are so much deep into the daily routine and the work schedule of ours, just to make sure we are not lacking any thing that might be required to make our lives easier. So, here is the catch. As a kid, we all wanted to be a happy person and lead a beautiful life once we grow up. But, be honest and tell me, is that so ?? Our easy and convenient life is what we always wished for, when we were a kid ? I doubt that !! Or, at least I was the one who wanted a peaceful and beautiful life. Now, just to fulfill our dreams or ambitions we try and go beyond what we are actually capable of, which in turn makes our life very stressed. But, since this culture of overloading ourselves is so deep into our society that we can’t even get away from this, even if we want. It takes enormous will-power and mental peace to get out of all this and lead a stress free yet beautiful life.
This will-power and mental peace is something which very few of us get to achieve. And those who achieve this stand out of the crowd. May not be very successful always but for sure very happy and satisfied than rest of the world. 
Now that I have said so much lets come to the conclusion.
Let’s see here a scenario which most of us can relate to – One among us is letting go off a wonderful opportunity he or she is getting just to make sure that he spends that stipulated amount of time with his or her family or on something he/she always has been fond of. What others around him or her will think ? Won’t they think that the person is a fool and has no respect for the things coming his way ? They will for sure. But, think of a broader picture now. That person by leaving what would have been a good opportunity, is grabbing the best moments of life and also making those who are dependent on him, feel accompanied and hence special. Now, you tell me won’t you choose best over good ? Was the person a fool who did so ?? Is he or she mad ??
I hope you must have got the answer. A person may seem to be mad if you have short-sighted view, but look at the larger picture, he isn’t. So, my Dad’s statement holds true. When we see them as mad, they are actually having fun in their own world of pleasure, which no one else but they know.
GoodBye !! Thanks !!


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