Prefer being anti social


You know what is the worst part of being social ? People start judging you and giving you a label and also start defining your level. As if this is what they are being paid for or this is something there way to attain mokcha is. They bloody don’t even think once that they are no one, i mean literally no one to decide, what we are or what level we have. And this is not something that one person or a certain set of group does. This is done by every single person we ever come across, irrespective of caste, color, religion, region, etc.

What I feel like, when going thru such situation ? This must be the question that must be coming across.

Man ! Cut that crap. You are not eligible enough to judge me, and for that matter, no one is. Not just b’coz you don’t know me completely. But also, because, you are no one to do that. You are not authorized to do that, not by someone who is eligible enough to allow you, at least. So, please stop giving me this cerificate created by your imaginations, which are no where linked to the real me. Seriously, cut this crap guys.

What made you to get so involved, that you started issuing me a character certificate and defining what level I hold. Is it an action of mine, which was either provoked by a certain turn out of events or an immediate poke. May be, that is not what I am and was just the response to stimuli. You removing your hand while being pinched suddenly, is not what your nature is. It’s just that the situation demands that action from you and you did. May be, you never back off your hand when your loved ones need you to be there for them. So, this sudden or single action can define one. Neither you, nor me.

So let’s not judge someone on there certain actions and let’s wait for the real person in him to come out, if at all you are so eager to judge a person.

Also, may be, there has been an instance, where I wanted to show you what you are on your face. And you are not at all worthy of anything. This truth while was being told to you on you face, must have made you feel bad, and you must have made a perception, thinking that, I am no good or I am cheap.

You know what ? I don’t care. I don’t give a damn about what you think. Plain and simple, It’s none of my business. You are wrong, you handle it. You gonna tell that to people ? Please, go ahead and do it. Because, those who understands me, won’t believe you and those who believe you, are the ones whom I am least bothered about. Short and simple, stop getting bothered about what I am and what is my level, mind your own freaking business. I love what I am and needless to say, will keep loving myself. Your perception never had an impact on that and will never have.

Go get a life guys.

I prefer being Anti-social !! Thank you.


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