The Nation : Love for it


​Pride, Galore, Patriotism, etc. were all the words and feelings, the lady in tears were being told about. These were the feelings that every single person around the tri-colour wrapped martyr was having right then. Life of the martyr seem to be such a big inspiration for every one in the country, the day this happened. Every one was in tears, but at the same time, they all felt their chest puffed up with pride. The Lady, his wife, she was in tears and in almost unconscious state. She somewhere knew the fact that, her husband is martyred fighting for the lovely land of mother India, which he considered as closest to his heart and his supreme duty was only to protect it. But, also she knew that, getting same respect and dedication back from the other, who will handle the proceedings of further formalities, is a distant hope.
The lady, in sorrow of demise, of her loving husband, was uncertain whether to mourn the death, or to be proud of the sacrifice, or start thinking about the time ahead. She, no doubt, was proud of what her husband has achieved, but she also knew that, taking care of time that was to come, will be equally brutal and tough. She is the one, whom the children will look to, whenever they need anything – emotions,care, or literally anything.
Then she saw, a pool of people gathered around and were talking about the courage and dedication of the tri-colour wrapped martyr. This gave her a sense of assurance that things are not gonna be as though as she once thought of. But, alas ! This assurance vanished pretty immediately, as she looked over to the other side where two kids, completely mixed with mud and dust, playing in their own world, and unaware of what has happened. They didn’t know, that they have lost someone whom they have called “Papa” for whatever time they have been together. She immediately realised that, these kids are now, the sole responsibility of hers. She has to act as father and the mother both for her entire life.
Few days passed by, she happened to watch TV and hear some news. She came across an announcement, where they said, her family will be awarded with cash, to look after the needs of the family. She somewhere knew that these are nothing but, a publicity stunt for the politicians. Still, she tried approaching the officials for it, only to get a response that the things take time and she will get the cash award, as it comes to them, sooner or later. She was disappointed as she was walking out of the official’s cabin, someone told her, give them something and you’ll get ur money. Hearing this she said, my husband gave his life to protect the nation, let me do my share by not bribing, no matter i get the award or not. Salute to the lady !! Salute to the soldiers !! Salute to the Nation !! Jai Hind !!


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