Daily Prompt: Pillage



via Daily Prompt: Pillage

Life was smooth and simple for the Khan family. They had a farm land to cultivate and sustain their lives. They had no complaints as such from life, unless that day. That dreadful morning, Khan family woke up with the news of city being captured by extremists. But, what turned out to be the worst part is that, invaders were now running into each house and looting whatever they see and killing any individual they come across or whoever tries to stop them.

It was just a matter of time, that they will reach the part of city where Khan family was living happily. Family was not unaware of this fact, but shock of happening all this took them by surprise and delayed their measures to safeguard themselves and their belongings. By the time they started, it was already too late and invaders were well in sight and end was near. So, the family decided upon flaying and saving their lives first.

Mr. Khan, head of the family, knew well that what it takes to reach where they are from zero. So, he decided to stay back and safeguard his home with his life at stack. He was well aware that him staying back is not gonna make any difference, but attachment prevailed. He stayed back.

That day, Khan family saw everything being looted and the Head of the family being beheaded. Pillage, was something that they were unaware of till now, they saw.


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