Foeticide is good !!


Regular morning with bright sunlight and escalating heat once again dawned over the village of Ramapura, a small area with roughly 20-25 families living in. It was small in terms of economic condition of residents as well and not just in regards to area and population.

But, hearts of the people was not small despite of the poor condition. They were all but careless about the upbringing of their kids, but of the male ones only. Girl childs were not spared a thought even of being sent to school or to feed them with at least basic nutrients or diets required.

Rudali, a poor little girl, part of a family of the same economic stature as others, was no exception to this system. Aged 15, she was always the first one to wake up in the family after her mother. Her daily routine included: brooming entire house, collection of cow dung and putting them to make cakes to be later used as fuels in home and then helping dad milk the cattles. Post brushing and bathing, she used to get her first meal, breakfast. Breakfast never failed to remain same in the form of breads cooked last night and left over along with some salt and mustard oil. But yes, her mom used to hand her a glass of fresh milk every single day, but wait. It was not for her to have, but for her brother to drink before he leaves for school. Yes, brother was a school going student, parent’s moon of the eyes.

Same parent who always thought their son to be the real gem and daughter to be the jewel of someone else’s house. Poor people, they didn’t know normally people see jewels and decide how good the jewellery is.

One fine day, once Rudali was done with her daily tasks, was sitting alone and quite in the balcony of her home. She heard a sound from distance approaching near. Her curiosity drew her closer to the sound. It was a group of people performing street dramas to educate people on the issue of foeticide. They had a tagline – “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao(save the girl child, educate the girl child). Rudali watched the entire episode with her parents right beside.

She could not understand much but the fact that, foeticide is bad and education helps eradicate such evils from the society. Now she was hopeful that, since her brother is going to be an educated lad, there will not be any Rudali further in this house.

Days passed by, years went by, Rudali was now married to a farmer in nearby village. She happened to visit her parents house once. She was very happy to be going to her own house after long.

She entered the village and neared her house. A guy was coming out of her house dressed in school uniform and a girl was collecting cow dung for cakes, was all that she could spot. Behind, her brother came out and seeing her sister come home, got excited and rather happy, asked both the kids to touch the feet of their Bua.

Rudali, suddenly remembered all that she learnt from the drama, education eradicates evil. All she could think now was, Foeticide, is better.


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