Beauty of life


Morning was beautiful and so was she.


Sun started ascending from horizon and was descending winter’s shivering. People were coming out of quilt and were moving towards accomplishing their day to day task. A puppy in the corner was making some sound, possibly crying whole last night and was now deep into sleep, unaware of what is happening around. Mr. Gupta, who was passing by in his ambassador on the way to his office saw him sleeping and moved on. Whole day in office, Mr. Gupta kept thinking about the days that were of his childhood.

A kid was playing with his friends in his sticker-ed shirt and longer than his size trouser which again was showing its disability to hold on from tearing for long. Evening, when he reached back home, saw his parents seating on the only mat in the house laid down on the ground. He saw them happy and out of curiosity demanded to know the reason. The answer that followed made that kid even happier. They have got a kilo of rice in donation from the village head as it was the Birthday of head’s only child. This donation guaranteed a full meal for a day to the family or half meal for couple of days for the family. Next two days, they felt like a king and enjoyed to the full, but then the father of the kid was aware that this gala is not going to last for long.

Kid’s father was a farmer, though with limited land piece, but was able to live happily because of hard work. One fine day, kid’s mother fell ill and they had to take her to the nearby hospital. The illness of the mother continued and ate up all the resources, lands that the family owned. Though, the mother recovered but that left the family with no land to cultivate or to earn their livelihood from. Family had to depend on others for their living. Father did try to get some job but given the condition they were in and also the place, he was left with no option but to blame his fate.

Despite all the hardships that the family saw or faced, father never let the kid stay away from the education and always stressed upon him being dedicated towards the education. Kid, although was studying in the village school running on government funds, but was very sharp and intelligent. Village teacher who used to take tuitions for the village kids, used to teach him free of cost, given his economic status.

Days passed and the kid appeared for Board exams and passed it with flying colors. He scored more than anyone else in the village. This achievement got him rewarded with a scholarship till his graduation. Days seemed to be changing for the family. Kid was now a boy and he moved to the town for his higher education. Scholarship amount was enough for him to survive. Additionally, he started taking tuitions and the earnings from that helped his parents to live happily, if not royally in the village. Years passed by and hard work paid off. Boy applied for Civil services exam and cleared it in a single attempt. He was now an officer and had all the royal services at his fingers. HE got married to a nice girl from good family and now lives with his parent and wife in a government bungalow.

You have a call from CM, Gupta Sir. Someone shook him from behind and Mr. Gupta felt like he is suddenly been pulled out from dreamland. He attended to the call and left from office immediately taking half day leave. On the way, he looked for that puppy crying whole night and took him along to home. As soon as he reached home, his wife asked, surprised, so early, Puppy? What is the matter? Mr. Gupta asked her to relax and then explained her why he brought the puppy along. He took him home for that he know what the pain of being resource less is and feel the wrath of nature with nothing to shield. For that he knew what actually being poor is.

His wife, who hailed from a good family could easily see how emotional her husband was and accepted the puppy whole heartedly.


Evening was beautiful and so was she.


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