Daily Prompt: Pillage



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Life was smooth and simple for the Khan family. They had a farm land to cultivate and sustain their lives. They had no complaints as such from life, unless that day. That dreadful morning, Khan family woke up with the news of city being captured by extremists. But, what turned out to be the worst part is that, invaders were now running into each house and looting whatever they see and killing any individual they come across or whoever tries to stop them.

It was just a matter of time, that they will reach the part of city where Khan family was living happily. Family was not unaware of this fact, but shock of happening all this took them by surprise and delayed their measures to safeguard themselves and their belongings. By the time they started, it was already too late and invaders were well in sight and end was near. So, the family decided upon flaying and saving their lives first.

Mr. Khan, head of the family, knew well that what it takes to reach where they are from zero. So, he decided to stay back and safeguard his home with his life at stack. He was well aware that him staying back is not gonna make any difference, but attachment prevailed. He stayed back.

That day, Khan family saw everything being looted and the Head of the family being beheaded. Pillage, was something that they were unaware of till now, they saw.


Father, love beyond limits.


Back to blogs,eh !? Yes, I am. So let’s start.
Disclaimer : These are completely my personal thoughts and need not be agreed upon.
Dear dad,
We are cared by or taken care of till we get married (normally/mostly) by our parents. PARENTS – essentially contains mom & dad. Now mom, being the first person we come across, is obviously and rightly the most important person in our lives. Correct !?
Now that we all are so aware of importance that our mom holds in our lives, let’s move to the very next person in the queue after our loving mother. Who else but dad,father pops, daddy. Name of your choice but the role, dude one can’t even imagine until u become one.
We all or at least most of us have a very strict or very discipline imposing image of our daddys, but did we ever thought what would have happened to us had we been grown up only under the loving caring and ever mistake ignoring moms ? Well, we could have end up being mumma’s son who plays around and who might not have become a true social animal (well that’s just my assumption, need not be true,but just give it a thought).
Most of the beatings and scoldings that we (at least kids of my generations and earlier) got were from dad and we use to have a virtual alarm set in our brains notifying us well in advance about the dad’s home coming time post work. What days that were !! Wow. But, ask me honestly or for that matter anyone of my generation mates, did we hate it ? Answer is: that time yes we did. But now ? NO.. WE CHERISH THAT.
A true saviour, superhero, if I can call him, who sacrificed every single joy of him, just to make sure we have what we need and also we are not going on the wrong path with what we get, by limiting the resources only to what we actually need.
Dad, to me, is not the second most important person of my life, but he is equivalent to my mom and they both are far far ahead of any other Gods or goddesses that can ever exist.
Love you dad. MyOnlySuperHero. #Respect.
Your Son.

Pleasure of being mad


​Well, my dad will always say this to me whenever such situation comes – there is a great pleasure in being mad, which none else but a mad knows. And I always use to think, what is he actually trying to convey by saying this ??
Does this make sense to you guys ? Do you guys have any idea about what this actually means ?
Well, answer of mine as well was a no unless one day, it actually came to my mind all of a sudden and the meaning of it kind of was somewhere seemed to be sorted out. So, this is what I actually understood of it(may be i will check with my dad once i meet him, but till then, here is my version):
We all are so much deep into the daily routine and the work schedule of ours, just to make sure we are not lacking any thing that might be required to make our lives easier. So, here is the catch. As a kid, we all wanted to be a happy person and lead a beautiful life once we grow up. But, be honest and tell me, is that so ?? Our easy and convenient life is what we always wished for, when we were a kid ? I doubt that !! Or, at least I was the one who wanted a peaceful and beautiful life. Now, just to fulfill our dreams or ambitions we try and go beyond what we are actually capable of, which in turn makes our life very stressed. But, since this culture of overloading ourselves is so deep into our society that we can’t even get away from this, even if we want. It takes enormous will-power and mental peace to get out of all this and lead a stress free yet beautiful life.
This will-power and mental peace is something which very few of us get to achieve. And those who achieve this stand out of the crowd. May not be very successful always but for sure very happy and satisfied than rest of the world. 
Now that I have said so much lets come to the conclusion.
Let’s see here a scenario which most of us can relate to – One among us is letting go off a wonderful opportunity he or she is getting just to make sure that he spends that stipulated amount of time with his or her family or on something he/she always has been fond of. What others around him or her will think ? Won’t they think that the person is a fool and has no respect for the things coming his way ? They will for sure. But, think of a broader picture now. That person by leaving what would have been a good opportunity, is grabbing the best moments of life and also making those who are dependent on him, feel accompanied and hence special. Now, you tell me won’t you choose best over good ? Was the person a fool who did so ?? Is he or she mad ??
I hope you must have got the answer. A person may seem to be mad if you have short-sighted view, but look at the larger picture, he isn’t. So, my Dad’s statement holds true. When we see them as mad, they are actually having fun in their own world of pleasure, which no one else but they know.
GoodBye !! Thanks !!

Prefer being anti social


You know what is the worst part of being social ? People start judging you and giving you a label and also start defining your level. As if this is what they are being paid for or this is something there way to attain mokcha is. They bloody don’t even think once that they are no one, i mean literally no one to decide, what we are or what level we have. And this is not something that one person or a certain set of group does. This is done by every single person we ever come across, irrespective of caste, color, religion, region, etc.

What I feel like, when going thru such situation ? This must be the question that must be coming across.

Man ! Cut that crap. You are not eligible enough to judge me, and for that matter, no one is. Not just b’coz you don’t know me completely. But also, because, you are no one to do that. You are not authorized to do that, not by someone who is eligible enough to allow you, at least. So, please stop giving me this cerificate created by your imaginations, which are no where linked to the real me. Seriously, cut this crap guys.

What made you to get so involved, that you started issuing me a character certificate and defining what level I hold. Is it an action of mine, which was either provoked by a certain turn out of events or an immediate poke. May be, that is not what I am and was just the response to stimuli. You removing your hand while being pinched suddenly, is not what your nature is. It’s just that the situation demands that action from you and you did. May be, you never back off your hand when your loved ones need you to be there for them. So, this sudden or single action can define one. Neither you, nor me.

So let’s not judge someone on there certain actions and let’s wait for the real person in him to come out, if at all you are so eager to judge a person.

Also, may be, there has been an instance, where I wanted to show you what you are on your face. And you are not at all worthy of anything. This truth while was being told to you on you face, must have made you feel bad, and you must have made a perception, thinking that, I am no good or I am cheap.

You know what ? I don’t care. I don’t give a damn about what you think. Plain and simple, It’s none of my business. You are wrong, you handle it. You gonna tell that to people ? Please, go ahead and do it. Because, those who understands me, won’t believe you and those who believe you, are the ones whom I am least bothered about. Short and simple, stop getting bothered about what I am and what is my level, mind your own freaking business. I love what I am and needless to say, will keep loving myself. Your perception never had an impact on that and will never have.

Go get a life guys.

I prefer being Anti-social !! Thank you.

Perception : good or bad ?


​That person is gonna create so much of trouble, you know. Reason ?? Dude, he is a bihari. You know how they are.
What do you call this ? You call this intuition ? Prediction? Foresight?? Nah. This is a simple and flat case of wrong perception. 
Perception, the way in which something is regarded, understood, or interpreted. Why does one have a perception? Is it because, someone is forced to have one ? What happens is that if a certain action is repeated by a certain set of individual or a person, that becomes the identity of that individual or group. These actions may be good or bad, based on which people make a good or bad perception respectively.
But, the bigger aspect to this is that, if one person does one thing, how does it determine that, every other individual related to him or her will do the same ? I do not see any sense in this logic. Do you ? If one person is a nuisance, then may be he or she is the rotten egg in the basket, and not that the entire basket is rotten. Same way, a person being good never determine that everyone related will be good. At least, not always.
What do we do then ? Question is not worth being asked. Because, answer is simple. Do not create perception. Do not bound a person’s identity to a certain act or behavior. He/she may have done that out of some reasons, which you might not be aware of. And, may be, that action would have been correct, just that you failed to decipher that properly.
Impact of perception in people’s mind is real tragic guys. It makes many suffer a lot. Despite, them being very different from that perception.
Also, to everyone else, who are victim of this perception tragedy, pls be real real careful with what you do, what you speak and how you act, coz somewhere, someone might be creating a perception of it. Be careful.
Be natural, be good and be genuine. Perception never helps. All it does is, it hurts. Either you or the other. Refrain from it.
Tata. Bbye !!

The Nation : Love for it


​Pride, Galore, Patriotism, etc. were all the words and feelings, the lady in tears were being told about. These were the feelings that every single person around the tri-colour wrapped martyr was having right then. Life of the martyr seem to be such a big inspiration for every one in the country, the day this happened. Every one was in tears, but at the same time, they all felt their chest puffed up with pride. The Lady, his wife, she was in tears and in almost unconscious state. She somewhere knew the fact that, her husband is martyred fighting for the lovely land of mother India, which he considered as closest to his heart and his supreme duty was only to protect it. But, also she knew that, getting same respect and dedication back from the other, who will handle the proceedings of further formalities, is a distant hope.
The lady, in sorrow of demise, of her loving husband, was uncertain whether to mourn the death, or to be proud of the sacrifice, or start thinking about the time ahead. She, no doubt, was proud of what her husband has achieved, but she also knew that, taking care of time that was to come, will be equally brutal and tough. She is the one, whom the children will look to, whenever they need anything – emotions,care, or literally anything.
Then she saw, a pool of people gathered around and were talking about the courage and dedication of the tri-colour wrapped martyr. This gave her a sense of assurance that things are not gonna be as though as she once thought of. But, alas ! This assurance vanished pretty immediately, as she looked over to the other side where two kids, completely mixed with mud and dust, playing in their own world, and unaware of what has happened. They didn’t know, that they have lost someone whom they have called “Papa” for whatever time they have been together. She immediately realised that, these kids are now, the sole responsibility of hers. She has to act as father and the mother both for her entire life.
Few days passed by, she happened to watch TV and hear some news. She came across an announcement, where they said, her family will be awarded with cash, to look after the needs of the family. She somewhere knew that these are nothing but, a publicity stunt for the politicians. Still, she tried approaching the officials for it, only to get a response that the things take time and she will get the cash award, as it comes to them, sooner or later. She was disappointed as she was walking out of the official’s cabin, someone told her, give them something and you’ll get ur money. Hearing this she said, my husband gave his life to protect the nation, let me do my share by not bribing, no matter i get the award or not. Salute to the lady !! Salute to the soldiers !! Salute to the Nation !! Jai Hind !!

A blind race to spoil our lives


What we all have seen throughout our lives is that, our parents, grandparents and all elders in the family has always stressed upon doing things at right time. They never were in favor of delaying things or for that matter doing things before they are supposed to happen. What this has done or made sure is that – things did happen in ideal way, if not better. This logic for them applied to each and every single aspect of life. They never broke those traditions that was being followed since ages and many levels of ancestors. This tradition got inherited from the long standing family bloodlines, without exceptions. This was ever neither questioned nor broken by anyone. More or less, this has always been proved correct.

One aspect of this tradition was/is the institution of marriage. There was an age decided and for both genders to get married and go on with their social duties. Except for few, they all followed it and I do not remember a single instances reported in history where this has backfired or been proved wrong. So, can we call it correct tradition? Or should be called just another tradition which can be discarded at ease by calling ourselves modern?

I believe most of us will answer the above two questions in negative for the first one and positive for the second. Now, who decides if the answers are correct ? Who ensures that what we are following today are the right thing to do ?

Today, we have become a participant of the blind race where we all are running with our eyes fixed on one thing, money. Is this what we are supposed to do? Our existence to this immortal world is to come earn and make a pile of money and depart ? Is that all we are supposed to do ? Definitely not guys, we are not here to get a pile build up of money and buy some materials which provides us with some pleasure so that we can continue our race towards being rich and then richer ? How on this earth is this justified. This definitely can not be justified. For sure not.

There is more to life than money guys.

If I say, money is not at all important. I am for sure not right. Money is important,indeed. But, ask your heart, have you not lost the zynx of life running behind what is just another element of this limited life that we have got. Money is important but not everything.

One very important thing that we have left behind in this blind rush towards getting richer is leading a life. A life is an ideal one if we have a family, a happy family. Agreed ? Yes. Then why are we leaving that very beautiful part of our lives behind. Our tradition that goes beyond written history has proved innumerable times that a happy life and family plays a great role in leading a satisfied life. Agreed, that the way world has changed an shaped in recent times has made this almost impossible to set a fixed age for someone to marry and start a family. But, then this never implies that we get to push the limits beyond limits. We as human beings need to understand that, we can not just keep pushing ourselves to be successful, because being successful does not have a definition. This can mean being a billionaire and for some it could be as small as getting 3 meals a day and a happy family. Moreover, except for the few instances, having a family has never barred someone from being successful. Examples can not be counted as they are so many, but the very relatable ones are Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Rajendra Prasad,etc.

Now one can say that, we can not expect ourselves to be in the same status as them as the world has changed. To such people I have two answers – A. Remember, they might have been in less tight situation than yours, but then they had limited resources to survive with than what we have today. B. Seriously, isn’t it we,who has worsen the situation and and it difficult for ourselves to survive in ? If you agree to what I answered, then we have one very serious problem in front of us to think of, how to correct this ?

The only way to correct this is by changing what has gone wrong, change our attitude, cut down the never ending list of commodities that we want and not need. We need to get back to the old school of thoughts where they stressed more on a happy life than a richer one. They never indulged into a gold rush, they never had a blind race to earn more and more. This helped them too maintain a hood and healthy work life balance. They never had to actually worry about not spending time with family.

Overall, we need to understand that, what has made this change that – not spending time with family was a rarity and spending time is the bigger rarity now. Unless, we debug and find the root cause of this problem, we can not be truly happy,never. This might seem to be just another article or speech on the life and maintaining pace, but this is what the truth is.

Enjoy life and not just live it. Being a human itself is a blessing, do not waste it by running behind unnecessary things. Love it, Live it the way it should be.